Spring Stampex 2017

15th Feb 2017 – 18th Sep 2017

Business Design Centre
London N1

Wednesday 15th February      11.30am to 7pm.
Thursday 16th February          10am to 6pm.
Friday 17th February               10am to 6pm.
Saturday 18th February           10am to 5pm.

Entrance is Free to Stampex

Royal Mail
The main Royal Mail stand will be, as usual, located towards the back of the venue; on offer will be the new and old issues:
18th February- First Day of Post & Go ‘Working Sail’ stamps in packs of 6 x 1st.
19th February -“Inventive Britain” New stamp issue will be available.
18th-21st February – Royal Mail stamps and souvenirs issued over the last year.
Post and Go
Royal Mails ‘other’ stand, situated near the entrance, focusses exclusively on the ever popular Post & Go stamps and associated products. This Stampex it will feature three “self-service philately” machines A003, A004 and A005 as well as the latest Jersey Machine J003 and the new Guernsey Post Machine GG01,
18th February is the issue day of the latest Post and Go issue ‘Working Sail’ dispensed from the A003 and A004 Post and Go machines. Also available will be Machin and Union Flag stamps with overprint.
18th February is the issue day of the new Jersey Post ‘Local Wildlife’ set and the first day of availability of Jersey Flag stamps with an ‘Spring Stampex February 2015’ overprint.
18th February is also the first day of the new Guernsey Post for a new set of “Post And Go” Guernsey Flag stamps.
Post and Go smilers
As well as the Post and Go stamps, “Post and Go smilers” (not to be confused with the privately sponsored ‘Stampex’ smiler sheets below) will be available from the Post and Go stand.
Other Stampex items
As usual, visitors to Stampex will receive a free postcard, as a souvenir to take home or to use as a first day of issue mailing at the show (in conjunction with the new issues and special postmarks (postboxes are available at the Business Design Centre).
The private, limited edition Stampex Smilers sheet for this Stampex will show , and will be available to buy.
Philatelic frames at every Stampex
Following an agreement with the Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS), Stampex will now feature a philatelic exhibition at both the Spring and Autumn events, giving collectors the chance to exhibit their stamps and postal history material, and giving visitors the chance to examine some of the country’s top collections, at every event.
In recent years Stampex has hosted the ABPS National Exhibition during September’s Stampex, but now, with space available at the venue for more than 500 frames of exhibits, the programme of exhibitions will be split over the February and September shows.
Society meetings
A number of philatelic societies, including the Concorde Study Circle, Great Britain Philatelic Society, Bird Society, Thailand Philatelic Society, and the Wreck & Crash Mail Society will be holding meetings at Stampex on Saturday 21st February.