Spring Stampex 2017

15th Feb 2017 – 18th Sep 2017

Business Design Centre
London N1

These colourful stamps are the first variable value definitive stamps Isle of Man Post Office has produced.
Each stamp features a unique interpretation of the iconic Manx emblem, the Three Legs of Man.

The four versions of this emblem are based on

• The three legs as they appear in Douglas Town Hall
• The Millenium of Tynwald three legs
• The three legs as seen on the old brewery building on Castletown Quay
• A modern interpretation of the three legs of man.

The legs usually run clockwise and carry the Latin motto ‘Quocunque Jeceris Stabit’ meaning ‘whichever way you throw, I stand’, a reference to the independence and resilience of the Manx people.

At Stampex these will be available to be dispensed at any ‘variable’ value, when sold in packs they have four fixed values of £0.45, £0.77, £1.24 and £1.86.